I was first introduced to David Bowie in my formative years composing original material. I saw Bowie live and knew he was going to change the world­—we all did. I had a spiritual reality check after his passing. He made such an impression and was one of my major influences through the years. His life and death is timeless and to me he was larger than life.

After a fifteen year solo career, and with David’s passing, I was inspired to keep his legacy in the mainstream. I felt that I had a calling—and Almost Bowie was born.

It’s been a year in the planning and I finally found the right musicians. We just completed a new music video and are now ready to launch Almost Bowie—a tribute to his music, fashion and various personas.

My goal to the audience and David Bowie fans all over the world is to transform myself using his fashion and a new style that’s both androgynous and masculine. The music will be focused on early Bowie with more of a modern sound of the Reality Tour.


Almost Bowie will kick-off its world tour in 2018. Hope to see you there!


  • Craig "Bowie" Pro – vocals and guitar

  • Steve Ramone – guitar and vocals

  • E – guitar

  • Mar-Keshe - guitar

  • Gordon Patriarca – bass

  • Jon Scarpelli - keyboards, synthesizer, & backing vocals

  • John Bowes - saxophone

  • Mat Scarpelli - drums

"The whole world was turned around by Ziggy Stardust" - Johnny Mars, WXRT

I studied many hours of Bowie interviews, concerts and thousands of photos. Then, I met Steve Schapiro in Chicago at the book signing of his photo book simply called "Bowie".

After talking with Steve for about 30 minutes I was even more convinced that I should continue on as Almost Bowie.


The inscription Steve wrote in the inner cover of my book is "I'm glad you love Bowie like I do."


Steve Schapiro and Craig "Bowie" Pro